Keep it simple small and stupid

This means make your shop do one thing and make it well. This means make it sell do not try to make it do any thing else. (stupidity paradigm)

Don’t try to sell everything possible good you can think of! Amazon already does. Nobody wants your shop to be Amazon number two. Instead be ‘YourShop’ number one! Focus on your special audience, give good recommendations. Take care of your customers. This again sounds simple – ‘yes’ it is the online version of a small highly special real world shop. But – it maybe surprising – the online world is part of a real world. (small)

To keep it simple is maybe the hardest of the three ‘s’. I think there will be a number of following posts that will take care of this paradigm.

Additionally we will have to ask ourselves: ‘What is simple?’, ‘What do my users expect?’, ‘What will statutory requirement say?’

I will try to answer those questions in the my next posts.

After spending a few words on hardware an OS, I will go back and talk about shops.

My recent postings were quiet general statements like ‘try to make a good first impression’, ‘do not bug your users’, ‘don’t surprise your users’.

You can not overestimate the importance of these simple ‘rules’ and you can not overestimate the number of times that ecommerce managers don’t follow these rules. Maybe they are too busy or or simply agnostic of these simple facts.

The KISSS paradigm

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