I had the Galaxy S 2 for a couple of weeks now.  As there is plenty of documentation about the device on the internet, I will not step into the details here.

The main features are:

  • super thin
  • ultra light
  • fast
  • 2 cameras
  • Android OS

The Galaxy II is undoubtedly the fastest, thinnest and lightest smartphone I’ve ever had my hands on. However the fast CPU is not a selling point in my opinion. My Omnia 7 is fast enough – even without a second CPU.

The display of the S 2 is excellent compared to LCDs, but if you already have a  phone with a AMOLEDs you will not find any major differences.

The second Camera enables video telephony via Skype .. great for everybody who uses the everyday business life, however … I have no use for it.

The software – Short and sweet: Android has a very powerful calendar app, Active Sync has worked very well (even with real exchange servers), all the other apps are also available for Android anyway. This device is just as good (but half as beautiful) as any WP 7 device for handling mail.

Conclusion: The best smartphone hardware I’ve ever seen.

P.S. I stay with my ~ 4x cheaper Samsung Omnia 7.  After the test, I sent back the Galaxy II, without regrets.

(Photo: Samsung Electronics)

Review: Samsung Galaxy S 2

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