Here are my putty default settings. To use them, please download the .zip file, unzip and double click the .reg file.

This file sets the following defaults:

  1. the bell is set to mode ‘visual bell’
  2. the font is set to ‘Consolas 10pt’ (ClearType)
  3. the character set is ‘UTF-8’
  4. the colors are set to use system colors (black on white)
  5. the ANSI colors are slightly changed for better readability, e.g. yellow is slightly darker,  so you can read it on the white background
  6. keepalive is set 30 s

Windows XP users might want to download the font Consolas with the font pack at as Consolas font is not shipped with XP.


(Image: Andrew Fitzsimon,

My Putty Default Settings

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