The Digital Analytics Association (DAA) releases an infographic on 2012-04-05 at 9am ET that shows the saleries of analytics professionals in the U.S. The starting salary for an analyst is at $60,800. The data for this infographic was drawn from actual job placements and was provided by IQWorkforce and was analyzed by the DAA’s research committee, led by Brian Thopsey.

According to the research, Atlanta, GA is the best city for digital analysts to live and work in when comparing both salary and the cost of living. San Francisco, CA has the highest salaries on average, but the cost of living knocks it out of the top five best cities for digital analysts.
compensation for analysts across the US
Download the infographic in PDF Format DAA_us_compensation_infographic
(Image and PDF by DAA, Gorm Larson & Zornig)


DAA releases info graphic on web analysts’ salaries across the U.S.

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